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Education:        1969         Western High School, Las Vegas, Nevada

                          1977         Bachelor of Architecture with Business Finance Minor, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho


Professional Licensing:    Architect, State of Washington

                                            Architect, State of Idaho, Inactive

                                            Architect, State of Montana, Inactive

                                            Real Estate Broker License, State of Washington, Inactive

                                            Real Estate Broker License, State of Idaho, Inactive

Employment History:

                        1969-1972       United States Marine Corps, Sergeant, E-5

                        1973-1976       Washington Water Power

                        1977-1978       Sylvester & Associates, Project Architect

                        1978-1981       CMWI Architects, Project Architect

                        1978-1981       McCarthy & Associates, Tenant Coordinator, Realtor

                        1981-1985       McCarthy Management & Development, Associate Broker

                                                Leasing Agent

                        1981-1989       PFI Architects, Architect, Owner

                        1986-1989       LAD Company, Commercial Real Estate Development

Company, President, Broker, Co-Owner

                        1986-1989       LAD Management Company, Commercial Real Estate                               

Management Company, President, Co-Owner

                        1986-1989       Pacific Maintenance Company, President, Co-Owner

                        1988-1990       Sabey Corporation, Vice -President, Retail Development Division

                        1990-1997       International Design, Architect, Owner

                        1997-2001       HMR Development Inc., dba International Design

                                                 Senior Vice President, Architect, Development Consultant

                        2001-2004       NuArch Developments, Inc., Vice President

                        2000-2001       Al French, Architect, Sole Proprietor

                        2001-Present   Al French, Architect P.L.L.C., President/Owner

                        2004-Present   Franklin Park Management Corp., Chief Executive Officer

                        2001-2009       Spokane City Councilman and Council President ProTem

                        2011-Present   Spokane County, Commissioner, District 3


Community Organizations:

                        1974-1977       University of Idaho Associated Student Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, President

                        1975-1977       Associated Student Chapters of the American Institute of Architects, Northwest Regional Director

                        1990-1992       Holy Family Hospital Foundation, Board Member

                        1995-1998       Nevada-Lidgerwood Steering Committee, COP Shop

Architect & Construction Supervisor

                        1996-2001       Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood Council, President

                        1996-2001       Spokane Community Assembly Representative

                        1996-2001       Northeast Community Center Association, Board President

     2004                 Institute for Neighborhood Leadership, Graduate

     1998-2001       Institute for Neighborhood Leadership, Board Member

                        1997-2001       Spokane City Community Development Board,                                           

Chair 1998-2000

                        1998                Federal Emergency Management Agency, Community                               

Emergency Response Team, Train the Trainer, Graduate

                        1998-2001       Community Assembly Liaison to Planning Commission for City of Spokane

                        1998                Federal Emergency Management Agency

                                                Community Emergency Response Team, Trainer

                                                Spokane County Emergency Management System,


                        1999-2003       Economic Development Council, Board Member

     1999-2007       Health Improvement Partnership, Board Member

     2000-2001       Facilities 2000, Convention Center Expansion Committee Member

     2000-2009       Spokane Neighborhood Economic Development Alliance, Founder, Sec/Treasurer, Vice President

     2002-2009       Spokane City Councilman, District #1, Northeast District

     2002-2009       Spokane Transit Authority Board, Chair 2004, 2007,

     2011-Present   Spokane Transit Authority Board, Chair 2012, 2016, 2020

     2003-2007       Spokane Transit Authority Reorganization Task Force Chair 2002-2007

     2002-Present   GMA Steering Committee of Elected Officials, Chair 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016

     2006-2009       Spokane City Council Committees

                             Public Works Committee – Chair

                             Planning, Community and Economic Development Committee

                             Strategic Planning Committee (Chair)

                             Planning Commission (Liaison)

                             Street Maintenance and Repair Committee – Chair

                             Charter Review Committee – Chair

                             Centers and Corridors Review Committee - Chair

                             2004-Present   Downtown Spokane Partnership, Board Member

     2007-2010       Fairchild Air Force Base, 92nd Logistical Readiness Squadron Honorary Commander

     2010-Current   Fairchild Air Force Base – Eagle

     2017-2021       Forward Fairchild – Board Member

     2011-Present   Spokane Regional Transportation Council, Chair

     1996-2010       Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood Council Board Member

     2010                Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood Community Development Neighborhood Coordinator

     2010-2016       Spokane County Republican Precinct Committee Officer

     2010                Community Assembly Facilitator

     2011-2021       Municipal Research Service Center, President 2015

     2013-2016       Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, Advisory Committee

     2011-Present   Washington State Association of Counties

     2013-Present   Spokane International Airport Board, Past Chair

     2013-Present   Spokane International Airport Committees on Engineering and Finance

     2011-Present   Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, Chair

     2011-Present   Spokane Regional Health District

     2011-Present   Martin Hall Consortium Board

     2011-2016       Aging and Long Term Care Eastern Washington

     2011-2022       Greater Spokane Inc, Board of Trustees

     2002-Present   Spokane County Committee of Elected Officials

     2002-Present   Spokane County Committee of Elected Officials Committee on Countywide Planning Policies - Chair



Awards:           1977                National Alpha-Rho-Chi Award for Outstanding Architectural Student

                        1997                Northeast Community Center, Outstanding Service Award

                        1997                Community Development Department, Certificate of Appreciation

                        1998                Spokane Police Department, Certificate of Appreciation

                        2002                Inland Empire Kiwanis “Everyday Hero” Award

                        2003                Economic Development Council, “Service Award”

                        2008                American Public Transportation Association, National Outstanding Board Member of the Year 2008

                        2008                Washington State Department of Transportation Outstanding Achievement Award

                        2009                Fairchild Air Force Base, 92nd Logistical Readiness Squadron “Guide-On Recipient”

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