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Too many times we hear political candidates promise to do things that they have never done before in their lives as though getting elected will magically empower them with skills, talents and knowledge that they otherwise do not possess.

The resume contained on this website demonstrates the extent of my experience in preparing to serve as your County Commissioner. This experience is the result of years of dedication to finding community solutions that make Spokane County better. This knowledge and experience is not something that you acquire by simply getting elected it is the result of being successfully engaged in the process of finding community solutions for years.

As a local businessman for over 45 years and a civic leader for 28 years I have committed myself to the betterment of the Spokane region working to develop community solutions. No other candidate in this race has that level of experience or demonstrated commitment to the region.

I served for eight years on the Spokane City Council and am completing my 3rd term as your County Commissioner. I am the only candidate that has served in both forms of government and understand where the opportunities are to enhance both through partnerships and regional approaches while at the same time protecting the uniqueness of our individual communities. Unnecessary redundancies in government waste your precious and hard-earned tax dollars.  

The financial challenges facing the county budget are going to require new approaches to how we deliver these regional services. I have the experience and background to be a leading force in finding community solutions.

We have regional projects that are underway but require continued advocacy and financial support such as the North Spokane Corridor, University District expansion, US 195 interchanges, Bridging the Valley, and the West Plains Public Development Authority. These are endeavors that I have championed in the past and will continue to support and promote as your County Commissioner.

Experience does count. 

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