The Spokane quality of life either attracted us here or has kept us here. Our ability to stay here and enjoy the fruits of the region is made possible when we have a healthy and thriving economy. A growing economy not only provides the livable wage jobs we desire but also helps to fund the services we need. My personal philosophy regarding the role of government is;

The role of government is to provide a regulatory environment that fosters economic growth and development while at the same time protecting the qualities of the region that we value.

State statute RCW 36.01.085 requires that County Commissioners are charged with the responsibility to grow and enhance the local economies.

RCW 36.01.085 Economic Development Programs. It shall be in the public purpose for all counties to engage in economic development programs. In addition, counties may contract with non-profit corporations in furtherance of this and other acts relating to economic development. (1985 c 92 2)

I have owned and operated my own businesses in the Spokane region for almost 45 years. I have brought or created thousands of new jobs to the region and I understand the challenges that burdensome and outdated regulations can cause the business community and region. I have changed the regulatory environment to allow our existing businesses to expand and create new and better jobs in a streamlined process and at a reduced cost.

I have worked to create a regulatory environment that will attract new industries to the area with family-wage jobs that share our values and will work to protect our quality of life.

The qualities of the region that we enjoy will attract others to come here too. The challenge is to acknowledge the potential for growth and have it work for us.


I have used my 41 years of architectural and development experience and community commitment to champion the creation of a “business friendly” regulatory environment for the county while at the same time protecting the precious quality of life we cherish. I will continue to work to strike a balance between the need to grow our economy and the need to protect the qualities we value. I am the only candidate that has the proven legislative and community experience to achieve this goal. This is the time for proven leadership because we have too much to risk with failure.  

My leadership in this area has resulted in the selection of Spokane County as the choice for Caterpillar’s Western Regional Distribution Center, Odom Corporation’s Regional Distribution Center, Wemco Manufacturing, Exotic Metals Fabrication, Associated Painters, and many more.

I continue to play a leadership role in the region’s growing aerospace industry sector and am proud to serve on the Spokane Airport Board, member of the AIR Spokane, West Plains Public Development Authority, and a Board Member on the Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium (INWAC) representing over 120 aerospace companies with over 8,000 employees.