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My Commitment to Public Safety

I have worked to protect you and your family in partnership with Sheriff John Nowels and former Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, and we are committed to continuing to work on efforts to improve the community’s safety.


This commitment to your safety extends to leading a regional effort to improve our criminal justice system to ensure that individuals that want to harm you are incarcerated and those that are in need of assistance, either social or medical are directed to the appropriate services. This will ensure that the appropriate justice is administered while at the same time driving down the cost of incarceration.


I have worked to bring new and better jobs to the community through direct recruitment efforts, the development of business-friendly policies, and the strategic investment in infrastructure expansion that will attract new investments. Spokane County is enjoying a historic economic expansion period with existing businesses creating new jobs and new businesses bringing thousands of jobs to our community.


While experiencing this economic expansion we continue to work to protect and enhance our quality of life. We have instituted environmental programs to improve the quality of our air and water. We have worked to protect our natural environment with additions to our Conservation Futures program. We have made significant improvements to our parks, aquatics facilities, schools, and event facilities. We also continue to maintain the largest road system in the state with over 2500 miles.


We have managed to provide all of these services to the community while at the same time maintaining one of the lowest tax rates per capita compared to similarly sized counties in the state. This means that we are getting greater value for your tax dollars and we are continuing our efforts to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of county services.


I look forward to continuing the journey of success with you. To continue this journey, I am asking for your vote this August and November and let’s continue to make Spokane better together.

Al French

It has been an honor to serve you as your County Commissioner.
I hope I have earned your vote again.


The Spokane International Airport marks the halfway point of phase 1 of it's Terminal Renovation and Expansion (TREX) Program

You are in for a treat’: Spokane International Airport unveils newly constructed concourse​ 5/31/24

Al French is the only person with a plan to fix PFAS issues on the West Plains

Spokane County Commissioner Al French proposes ambitious PFAS solution for new water source on the West Plains 4/27/24

These are excellent projects that not only bridge gaps in housing for our community but also provide a path to home ownership and a way for individuals to break the cycle of generational poverty

Spokane County spends $6.3M in federal stimulus funding on housing crisis 10/19/22

Commissioners awarded about $2.3 million to three service providers in the public health category of American Rescue Plan funds. 

Spokane County awards nearly $5M in federal stimulus funds to nonprofits, health groups, 10/4/22

Euclid Road Bridge replacement project construction plan in the works 5/12/22

This public-to-public agreement is the first of its kind for the Air Force.

Spokane County, Fairchild sign deal paving way for new indoor gun range, training facility, 3/16/21

The Central City Line will enhance mobility options throughout Spokane’s urban core and the surrounding residential neighborhoods

Spokane Transit’s Central City Line wins $53.4 million in federal money, fully funding the project, 4/9/19

Visionary leadership leads to a big win for Spokane.

How a Snake Swallowed the Pig: The inside story of how Amazon was delivered to Spokane, The Inlander, 9/6/18


Bigelow Forker Ribbon Cutting crop.jpg
fire os 101.jpg


In order to be able to hold elected officials accountable to you, their actions need to be transparent. You deserve to know how decisions are being made and how your tax dollars are being spent. That is why Al joined Commissioner Josh Kerns in adopting the Transparency Resolution.


One very critical element of that resolution is calling for Union contract negotiations to be conducted in an open fashion to be viewed by the public. Wages and benefits are the largest portion of the County budget, and you deserve to know how these contracts are being negotiated.

The leadership of several of the County unions have joined them in this process and they have successfully negotiated new contracts.

As a past union member, Al appreciated knowing how his leadership was representing his interests.

Al is the only candidate that has demonstrated his commitment to transparency to you with his actions.


A foundational precept of government is that you should have representation in all issues that impact the taxes you pay. If you are being taxed, you should be provided a benefit from those taxes you are charged. This has been a right ever since the Boston Tea Party.

For the last several years the City of Spokane has threatened to levy its 20% utility tax on citizens located outside of the City of Spokane. This tax will impact the citizens in the Cities of Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake as well as the residents located in the unincorporated parts of Spokane County. Three of the current County Commissioners are fighting against this effort of the liberal Spokane City Council. If, however, the Commissioner candidates supported by the liberal Spokane City Council members are elected you will lose that protection.

Good governance is predicated upon a foundation of checks and balances. Without that checks and balances, government becomes lopsided. As you make your decision on who should serve as your next County Commissioner ask yourself “who is best positioned to represent my rights and interests?”

If you want a Commissioner who will protect your hard-earned dollar, I am that person.

Parks & Open Space

One of the many beauties of Spokane County is the fact that we have four seasons of the year. This provides a full range of outdoor activities for us to enjoy. Al has been committed to protecting and enhancing our natural environment through his service on several local and state boards. Al has also been a tireless supporter of the County’s Conservation Futures Program. This program acquires natural areas in the County and places them in County ownership for the benefit of all our citizens. Spokane County has the largest inventory of Conservation Futures lands in the state. These lands are available to the public for hiking, biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and many other outdoor activities.

To be able to enjoy the outdoors you need to have clean air. Al has served as the Chair of the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for the last 10 years. This agency has several programs to improve our air quality through education, advocacy and monitoring. The agency also enforces laws and regulations to ensure compliance with air quality standards.

Al has been a strong advocate for protecting and improving the water quality in the Spokane River and other lakes and waterways in the county. Spokane County operates a nationally recognized and award-winning wastewater treatment facility that has removed 1,000’s of septic tanks over the Spokane-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, the sole source of drinking water for most of the County.

With Al’s leadership, the County has invested millions into our parks and recreational facilities. The County operates two state-of-the-art aquatics facilities and many regional parks throughout the County. One of Al’s goals for his next term is to locate a regional park in the West Plains with a full array of activities.  

Al’s experience as a licensed architect makes him uniquely qualified to deal with a growing economy while protecting our natural environment and quality of life. 

Spokane River.jpg

Philosophy of Service

You deserve to know what motivates individuals that want your vote. Understanding what motivates them to act helps gives you confidence in their decision-making process and goals. Al is motivated by a desire to serve others.  Al is a staunch believer in servant leadership.

This desire started with his time as a Boy Scout as a teenager. Al then volunteered to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam Era. After completing his tour of duty in the Marine Corps he attended the University of Idaho and received his degree in Architecture with a minor in Business Finance. In college, he served as the leader of the student organization at both the university and the national level.

His civic activity includes his service as a neighborhood leader, planning commission member, hospital foundation board member, community center board member and chair, City Councilmember, and now as your County Commissioner. Al serves on 40 boards, commissions, committees, and organizations to serve the needs of this community.

Al’s leadership skills have been awarded at the local, state, and national levels. Al is the only elected individual in the State of Washington to receive the American Public Transportation Association’s annual award as the “National Board Member of the Year” in 2008.

Al has demonstrated his commitment to serving the interest of Spokane County and deserves your support so he can continue to serve you.

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