Dear Friends;

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to visit my website. It is my hope that as you read the information contained here you will come to appreciate why so many have joined the effort to re-elect me as your Spokane County Commissioner. I would be honored to include you as one of my supporters and together we will build a prosperous, vibrant, safe and healthy county for all of us.

I believe that public service is a privilege that the voters grant to an individual. That privilege is granted because of the candidate’s commitment of service to you, the voter. Qualifications for the position sought are defined by the candidate’s past acts of service, goals pursued and achieved and the legacy the candidate creates for those served. As you journey through this website you will learn of my love and commitment to this county, the accomplishments that I have already achieved and my vision for the future. You will learn of the things that I value and my vision for the future that I want to pursue for all of us.

I am a firm believer that experience counts and I have 20 years of experience in serving the residents of this community at the neighborhood, city, county, and state levels. When you are looking to hire someone, one of the first things you ask is, “Do you have any experience in this field?” That is the question you should also ask a candidate for public service. In this campaign no other candidate has the level or depth of experience that I offer you. The quality of that experience will be illustrated through the many accomplishments described here.

Candidates for public office will come to you and claim their leadership skills and you will be left to trust their words. This site will describe for you the many leadership awards that I have received from organizations at the local, regional, state and national level. These awards are the statements of organizations and leaders across the region , state and nation recognizing my ability to lead and achieve desired goals.

My goal is to be a “servant leader”. That means that I pursue the goals and desires of you the voter and not those of special interest individuals or groups.

I believe that you want your elected officials to hold themselves to a high standard of ethical conduct and that is why I championed the creation of Spokane City’s Ethics Ordinance. You deserve a County Commissioner that is committed to serve you in an ethical, honorable, accountable and transparent manner and I pledge that to you.

I hope that the information you find on this website will lead you to the same decision that so many others have come to; “Al French is the best candidate and has earned the privilege to serve as your Spokane County Commissioner.” If you need further information or have a question or thought to share with me please send me an email at or call me at the office, (509) 489-1331 or on my cell phone at (509) 994-4351.

Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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